UNCG Department of Environmental Health and Safety

For Supervisors Only

As a supervisor you are responsible for raising employee awareness of workplace hazards, which may cause injuries. Such hazards are often unique to your department's work environment and can not be addressed in the UNCG Safety Orientation Program. The Office of Safety recently implemented a new and improved orientation program for new UNCG employees.

There are three levels to the new employee's training:

  1.  Introduction to Workplace Safety - a one-hour presentation conducted by the Office of Safety during the UNCG Human Resources Orientation.
  2. Workplace Training Checklists - designed to assist supervisors and the new employee in providing a comprehensive assessment of hazards in the work environment and familiarize new employees with UNCG safety policies and procedures. The employee received this checklist during Human Resource Services Orientation.
  3. Online Training Modules - provide additional information to raise employee awareness of conditions and behaviors that cause workplace injuries and how to reduce those risks.

This training tier will empower you, your employees and your department with specific training objectives and on-line resources designed to prevent employee injuries at UNCG. Employee Training Checklists can also be used to guide you and your existing employees through a review of UNCG safety policies and procedures for the work environment.

The Office of Safety website also has specific safety resources , which are designed to increase your knowledge of how to encourage employees to work safely.

If you have any questions or comments regarding employee safety training, please feel free to contact Donna Spoon, Office of Safety Training Coordinator at 334-4357 or d_spoon@uncg. edu .

UNCG Employee Safety Orientation Video

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