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Laboratory Safety

The goal of the Laboratory Safety Program is to anticipate, evaluate, and control personnel exposures to chemical, biological, and the many other hazards present in laboratories. Identifying and communicating the hazards present in each lab are essential to keeping our lab members safe. Each Principal Investigator or Lab Supervisor maintains a Laboratory Safety Plan to serve as a communication tool and lab safety resource.

Laboratory Safety Plan

A Laboratory Safety Plan (LSP) is a written plan that sets forth procedures, equipment, personal protective equipment and work practices capable of protecting employees from health hazards presented by the chemicals used in the laboratory. The LSP is designed to provide the Principal Investigator the ability to develop such a written plan specific to his or her laboratory. The LSP must be completed by new principal Investigators and updated on an annual basis or whenever significant changes occur in the laboratory. The Laboratory Safety Plan provides the following:
  • Identifies the hazards associated with a particular laboratory space
  • Describes specific procedures and precautions in place to account for the hazards identified
  • Identifies emergency procedures and contacts
  • Identifies personnel who are approved to work in the laboratory
  • Identifies training that has been conducted with approved personnel
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