UNCG Department of Environmental Health and Safety


Minimum Open Burning Requirements

1. All requests for open burning shall be submitted, via the link below, to the Department of
Environmental Health and Safety no later than 30 days prior to the date of the open burning.

2. The open burning shall be held at an approved location.

3. Open burning shall be three feet (3') or less in diameter and two feet (2') or less in height.

4. The open burning shall be located a minimum of 25' from any structure or combustible materials.
Open burning in approved containers MAY be permitted to be a minimum of 15' from any structure
or combustible materials. Open-flame cooking devices, such as charcoal or gas grills, MAY be
permitted to be a minimum of 10' from any structure or combustible materials. Please note that the
minimum distances may be increased, and the distances noted on the permit shall be maintained at all

5. Fuel for the open burning shall consist of only seasoned dry firewood. For open-flame cooking,
charcoal or LP-gas shall be used.

6. Charcoal cooking may use a small amount of accelerant prior to lighting; however, no accelerant shall
be added once the fire is lit.

7. All persons involved in the construction of the open burning shall wear appropriate personal
protective equipment.

8. The open burning shall have a coordinator and up to three (3) attendants who are trained in the use
of fire extinguishers and shall be present for the duration. The attendants shall monitor for floating
firebrands (airborne lighted particles) as well as keep onlookers at a safe distance from the fire.

9. A minimum of one (1) 10 pound ABC fire extinguisher, two (2) five (5) gallon size containers of
water, and / or a hose with water supply (either from a building or portable tank) shall be available
to control the fire.

10. The open burning may be extinguished at any time if an unsafe condition exists or is created.

11. After the open burning has been extinguished, shovels and rakes shall be used to turn charred
materials while applying copious amounts of water to ensure that the fire has been fully extinguished.
Securing hand tools and returning the burn site to its original construction shall be the responsibility
of the applicant.

12. A fire watch shall be conducted by the coordinator or monitor for a minimum of 45 minutes after
the fire has been extinguished (LP-gas grills only require a 15 minute fire watch)

13. Once the open burning is extinguished and the fire watch has ended, the remaining materials shall be
placed into an appropriate metal container and fully immersed in water until disposed of properly.

14. Other requirements may be implemented as needed.

Open Burning Permit Request